Commercial Fueling

Fleet Card

The Cards that Keep You in Control!

Managing Fleet Services is no easy task. Drivers want convenience and owners/managers want results - low cost, controls and the ability to know what is being spent on what. With Wisconsin Fuel's Commercial Fueling System, you get just that. Call today to speak to one of our Fleet Fueling Consultants to learn more about our cards and find the card that is right for your company and your company's bottom line.

Cardlock Advantage

Our Commercial Fueling Site is available 24/7/365 with virtually no lines or waiting - as it is not open to the general public. We also have high speed diesel dispensers to speed up the fueling of your vehicles.

Unauthorized Use

Unlike regular fueling credit cards, Wisconsin Fuels Commercial Fueling Cards can only be used for the fuel and type of purchase you specify. No C-Store for your drivers to go into and waste valuable time when they are on the clock.

Track Abnormal Fueling Activity

Consolidated management information can save hours in auditing drivers. Our reports flag weekend fueling and if you select the optional FREE mileage tracking, it will also flag any anomalies in vehicle mpg helping you quickly identify abnormal fueling activity.

Personal Service

Instead of an impersonal automated phone system, you will get personalized service from Wisconsin Fuel to help you set up your account as well as ongoing service for card orders, etc.

Bottom Line

We offer market-competitive pricing based on volume. We don’t charge you to become a customer or to stay a customer (no set up fees, no card fees, no transaction fees).

Get Started Today!!

It's all about options for our customers and our Fleet Fueling Program can give you as much control over your fuel cost and maintenance as you may want or need; today or in the future. Call us to speak with one of our Fleet Fueling Consultants to learn more and to see which type of program may be best for you and your company. You can reach us at (262) 657-2680.